Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The rest of the 12 days of Christmas, rapid fire...

Day 8:  Nutcracker.  Jacob, Bryan and I went to see the Nutcracker (David was sick).  We had such a great time.  They were extremely suspicious when they saw the ballerina on the cover of the program.  There's some good boy action early on, though.  They loved the fight between the Nutcracker and the Rat King.  They were wary when the Nutcracker danced with the Sugar Plum Fairy - possible conspiracy to kiss on the lips.  They each sat on my lap for half the show.  How much longer is that going to last?  During one of the slower scenes, Bryan wanted to see if we could Eskimo kiss and watch the show at the same time.  Jacob loved the Russian dancing.  One of my favorite scenes took place during intermission, though.  Some girls were playing on the steps leading up to the stage.  Over the intercom, the director berated their parents for allowing such wild behavior.  It was glorious.  Here was wild and inappropriate behavior (at least in someone's version of the universe) in public, and none of my people were involved.  

Day 9:  Christmas cookies for ourselves and the neighbors.  I made way too many Christmas cookies last year, so I also made up a box for everyone in the household h.  Sadly, this was more to ensure that Chris and the boys got enough than for me to get enough.  It's now a tradition.  Each of us gets a box to work through at our own pace.  
 Day 10:  Christmas lights competition.  This was supposed to be gingerbread house day.  Note to 2012 me, do not plan on gingerbread houses after Christmas cookies.  Seriously, just the thought of making the icing made me want to hurl.  Thank goodness I remembered a friend's facebook post from a few years ago.  Her family drove around to look at lights and gave an award to their favorite house.  So we got a gift card from McDonald's and had so much fun deciding on a winner.  
Day 11:  Buffalo Grille and the park (with Nana, Papa and Gran - yea!).  I had something much more ambitious planned.  There was no way it was happening.  This was so much more fun.  
Day 12:  Emergency workers.  The church we're visiting suggested this activity.  Each of the boys made a Christmas card and  packed a bag of Christmas cookies to deliver to someone who had to work on Christmas Eve.  We dropped them off after the Christmas Eve service.  Jacob and Rand delivered theirs to the security guard and receptionist at the hospital.  David took his to the police station.  Bryan took his to the fire station.  The firemen may have won our Christmas Eve cookie business for the next several years.  They showed the boys around the station and let them climb on the trucks.

Overall, I really enjoyed doing this with Chris and the boys.  I think we'll try it again next year.  

Peace of the Lord with you.


  1. We had an awesome visit. So enjoyed being with you and your sweet family. So many sweet memories. My love, Nan

  2. Ditto for me! I had a wonderful time!
    Love, Gran


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