Saturday, December 17, 2011

Call my cell-ery*...

This morning I found out that all my normal color polish congealed in the move.  So this, the only survivor, is what I'm wearing on my toes to Chris' work party tonight, implying that
  1. This is the first time I've painted my toenails in six months.
  2. At some point I decided that sparkly green was a reasonable color for an adult woman.** 
  3. Going to the drug store to buy a normal color is not an option because I am, in fact, too lazy to care that much.
In more encouraging news, though tempted, I passed on the adult women's tutus for sale at lululemon.***

*That's the OPI name of this color.  In another life I'd like to be their polish namer.
**Actually, I think my sister-in-law, Amy, was with me when I bought it and didn't intervene, so she bears some responsibility here.  By the way, some of you can pull off this color, but the math majors of the world tend to not be in that group.
***Amy wasn't with me last night, so maybe she's the real problem.


  1. You could totally pull it off. I think you need to be short and bohemian.

  2. Totally jinxed myself with this weird polish. Sitter canceled.


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