Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lego day of jubilee...

Legos play a substantial role in the household h.  They function as currency, symbols of power and skill and are the subject of much of our drama.  A few weeks ago, the whole Lego balance was completely destabilized by the grandparents h.  Until recently our Lego economy had one superpower - David.  He controlled all the best Lego sets but was mostly benevolent with the developing nations - Jacob and Bryan.  Then Mimi and Granddaddy and Nana and Papa gave Bryan several new Lego sets.  It was like somebody gave Cuba nuclear weapons.  The power went to his head.  He would occasionally let David and Jacob play with his new sets but would demand everything back at random.  It was chaos for a few days until he got bored with torturing his brothers and the new Lego world order became stabilized once again.

The Lego drawers have been kind of sad for a few weeks, so we declared today Lego Day of Jubilee.  Everyone had to disassemble all of their Lego creations (except a few favorites and the ones that came as sets).  We sorted everything, and they're starting over.  

The sorting...



  1. That's a lot of legos. : ) I hope my daughter(s) love them as much as my son does.

  2. Papa says: Bryan and Fidel do share high intelligence and a sick sense of humor (sending 100,000 criminals and insane people over to Miami in the Mariel Boatlift, for ex). Have you and the elder brothers h considered Lego China and the impending "Year of the Scream" when a certain cute young lad gains sufficient mobility to become the next Lego superpower?

  3. I have Lego organization jealousy, and I only have 1 (and a 1/2) Lego freak(s). Ours is a Lego graveyard and needs serious work. Would you consider a brief consulting arrangement?? Love, Megan


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