Sunday, October 30, 2011


In our continuing and unending search for a church, I've finally realized that we do care about denomination more than I thought.  When we started this search, I said I didn't care so much about denomination.  It's still not a deal breaker for me and we've visited several denominations.  It's been interesting and we've been to some great churches.  I still haven't been to a church and had the sense that this is our church home like I have in the past.  Who knows, maybe that won't happen this time.  We might just need to choose something. In all the visiting, though, I've realized that I'm more Baptist than I thought.   I'm not saying that Baptists are right and everyone else is wrong.  Actually I'd prefer to be in a church that doesn't do some of the traditional Baptist stuff.  I can just tell that those are my people - where I came from.  Dallas Willard, in The Great Omission, I think, said that he was on a plane once, and because he grew up Baptist, he could just tell he was on a plane full of Baptists.  They had a certain look. 

We visited a great church of a different denomination this morning, and it didn't seem like the one.  In talking it over with Chris on the way home, I realized that I'm a disgruntled Baptist.  I think I'm looking for a church that's basically Baptist but rolls its eyes at some of the traditional Baptist stuff - the church culture stuff, not the essentials.  So how do I google that?

*First Disgruntled Baptist Church

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