Friday, September 16, 2011

Yellow journalism...

David made a newspaper last week.  Here are the stories...
"Explosions at 11:30"
Today at 11:30 there was a explosion at Fall Creek near the swimming pool.  31 people were killed at the attack.  We think that Bryan Husband caused the crime.  Later at Ashburn Virginia there was a fire.  We think that Jacob Husband caused the crime.
"Serious Crime"
Today at Fall Creek Jacob stole a credit card.  We think that Bryan Husband is helping him.  At the bank Jacob and Bryan Husband robbed it and stole $6000.
Jacob Husband
Bryan Husband


  1. Print is not dead, but it's been attacked. Attacker: David Husband.

  2. Probably more factual than CNN

  3. David may need to be censored!


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