Monday, September 26, 2011

Biking weekend...

It's been a biking weekend. The grown ups did the Big Dam Bridge ride Saturday.

I was looking for organized rides in Houston and found the Tour de Donut, which may be the awesomest bike ride ever. Its a competitive ride. You ride 28 miles, and you get to subtract 5 minutes for every donut consumed on the ride. The winner last year had a finishing time of about 5 minutes. His actual time was about 2 hours. He ate about 20 donuts and thus beat the losers who finished in an hour and a half but ate no donuts. Here are Chris and I discussing strategy.

Mom, Dad and I took the brothers on a family ride yesterday. David rode his bike. Rand rode in the trailer. Jacob and Bryan took turns between the trailer and the trail-a-bike. I discovered that riding over the Big Dam Bridge pulling 100 pounds of kid is an entirely different experience from riding it on your own.

Here are some pictures from the trip.

Bryan insists on wearing his jersey backwards so he can put toys in the pockets.

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  1. Lots of life memories this weekend!! Such fun!! My love, Nan

  2. Love these pictures!!


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