Thursday, July 21, 2011

Haircut hole in my heart...

I'm constantly and irrationally on the lookout for subtle issues that my kids might someday reveal in therapy as the symbol of their maternal wound.  I keep Bryan's hair longer than David's or Jacob's because it's slightly curly, and I think curly hair on little boys is so cute.  Last week, it was haircut day.  I put Bryan on the bar stool and it suddenly struck me that this had Mommy wound potential - "She gave my brothers cool soldier haircuts, but I had to have long, floppy hair."

Me:  Bryan, do you want a short haircut like David and Jacob, or do you want me to just cut yours a little?
Bryan:  (with enthusiasm)  I want a pirate haircut with the front part going over my eye like a eye patch.
Me:  (No signs of a wound, so manipulate him into the haircut you want.)  David and Jacob's haircut takes longer.
Bryan:  I want the one that takes shorter.
Me:  (Yes!)

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  1. still laughing...i love the mom who tests for damage first BEFORE manipulating. that's devotion, baby.


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