Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Things for which I'm thankful...

  • Dr. Bird let us go home yesterday. There may be some Stockholm syndrome going on there as in a certain light he was also our captor.
  • Chris and I are still married even though

I had to maneuver him around a crowded hospital in a wheelchair with his sore, fragile leg sticking straight out in a leg prop that was too short for him. I didn't get us over to the first elevator fast enough, and we missed it. I managed to wheel him over and wedge a foot in the next one, but he barely fit through the doorway. There was about a half inch clearance with that leg sticking out.

I'm now the driver. He makes me nervous. Trying to exit the HOV:

Me: Do I take the left lane?

Chris: No, you don't take the lane with two big orange cones.

  • The flowers are blooming in my backyard.



  1. Thinking of you guys today. Just remembering how we used to jog around campus when we were in school. Chris will be jogging around in no time.

  2. Getting home is the best...and then the worst...and then the best again. Hope the transition is smooth as can be.


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