Friday, October 12, 2012

Potty training operating principles...

I started potty training Rand this week.  It's a family adventure.  Everybody gets pretzels when he pees.  Everybody gets Skittles when he poops.  He hands them out with dignified toddler pride.

So when I started with David, two friends gave me advice that formed my potty training philosophy.  You need realistic expectations and hope.

  1.  (From Janice)  Just accept that your house will be covered in pee for awhile.
  2.  (From Melissa, who was starting the potty adventure for the first time at the same time I was.)  I keep telling myself that even the children of crack addicts are potty trained by kindergarten.

Thanks, friends.


  1. Papa says; may the Force be with you! No pressure, but you have the con during the cruise otherwise (con in this case being in charge whilst the rest of us are in the pool!). Nana says that us too mean and she will take the con!

    1. Thanks, Mom. We may just go back to diapers, then - so much easier.


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