Tuesday, June 19, 2012


For Chris' birthday I surprised him with a visit from his childhood best friend, Jason and family.  We had a great weekend.  Who knew, 25 years ago, that two awesome wives and 7 beautiful children later they'd still have a lot to talk about.

The surprise
 Kids chillin' at the pool
 Some really chillin'*
 And the dads chillin' at our house.

* Poor Rand got kicked in the mouth at the park (swings), bled all over himself and then fell asleep on the way to the pool and woke up just as we were leaving.


  1. I love that Jason is wearing a Captain America shirt. The more things change...

  2. I just saw this post! Thanks for having us... y'all are special.

    1. This is angela - accidentally signed in the wrong one.

  3. It looks like the chilling session exhausted him. Well, given that this event is a reunion after 25 years, I’m sure the adults had a lot to catch up on. Thus, the pool is a good place to keep the kids occupied. Anyway, it’s great to see all of you having fun. I hope you keep in touch with one another throughout the year!

    Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools


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