Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Field Day in Pictures...

My homeschool group put together a fabulous field day event a few weeks ago.  Here is the event in pictures*...

This was our first event.  You held a frisbee between your knees, without your hands and raced to the end of the field.  Bryan was half way down the field when everyone else had crossed the finish line.  He broke down in tears.  So, I grabbed him and bounced him to the finish line, instantly healing his broken heart.  If only all their life sorrows were this solvable.

Bryan won musical chairs, probably largely due to the complex musical chair strategy he has developed this year at his Friday preschool class.  As far as I can tell, it basically boils down to, "Walk very slowly."  Ties were resolved with Paper, Rock, Scissors, with me chiming in the background, "The regular way, guys."  Bryan and Jacob have developed a Paper, Rock, Scissors derivative they call Paper, Rock, Scissors, Shoot in which you can make up new things like typoon, volcano, Everest,... (must include a motion) that beat everything mentioned so far.

In the three-legged race, Carrie and I gave the boys a generous head start, caught up with them because we're rock stars, but lacked the commitment to actually dive across the finish line and lost by a hair.

More pictures from the day...

*The more fabulous of these pictures are courtesy of my dear friend Carrie who was kind enough to take pictures of me and my people.


  1. These pictures make me so happy...and so sad. What is going on with your boys? David looks older, Jacob looks much older, Bryan is as adorable as ever, and Rand is not a baby.

  2. I know, David especially looks so big to me here.


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