Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, the rest of the story...

My costume procrastination turned out to be a mistake.  The costume bin is in the attic.  The attic is locked.  I have a vague memory of setting the key somewhere and thinking, "I should put this up.  I'm not going to remember where I set this."  I didn't.  I was right.  I have no idea where the key is.  So, this ended with me frantically searching the dress up bin for something that would fit Rand.  I finally settled on Bryan's Superman pajamas.  
Halloween was a little conflicting for Rand.  While a huge fan of candy, he was not so excited about having to approach strange grownups.  At the first house he spent some time sucking his thumb halfway up the sidewalk.  Finally he decided the candy was worth the risk but didn't want to leave the candy bowl once he got there.  He got his Halloween groove eventually, though.  He dragged his blankie to a few of the houses.  
Household h has an extra boy this week.  Our friend, Nicholas, is staying with us this week while his parents are picking up his new baby sister in Africa.  I'm trying a new rule this year.  Today is a candy free-for-all.  They can have as much candy as they want today (with some required fruit and cheese thrown in here and there).  Then after bed time tonight, I'm trashing everything.  Nicholas has taken it as a personal challenge.  He is determined to eat ALL of his candy today.  I asked that he please try to make it to a toilet if he throws up.  
I wish I could say that this rule is inspired by my dental health concerns.  Really it's based on the reality that I'll steal an absurd amount of their good candy.  I just can't live in the same house with chocolate.  I'm not that person who can set out a candy dish and take one piece a day.

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  1. You are so intrepid. and i have the same problem with the candy. I try to keep "emergency chocolate" in the freezer, but all of a suddden everything is an emergency.


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