Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are you my mother?

We left Rand with my brother and sister-in-law while we were in Houston looking at houses.  He has been my clingiest baby, so I was expecting him to be very excited to see me.  It turns out that his affections are cheap - five days of food and snuggles from Angela, and he was over me.  When he saw me, he clung to her.  When I held him, he cried.  When I stayed in the room and she left, he cried.  When I tried to feed him, he refused and would only let Angela.  When I rubbed his back, he grabbed my hand and pushed it away.  Now I'm going to have spend the next week showing him pictures of her and then pinching him.*

*Big shout out to my fantabulous brothers and sisters-in-law for keeping the boys.  That house hunting trip with the boys in tow would have ended me.  We think we have a house but haven't heard for sure.
**Maybe Rand likes Angela more because she doesn't take pictures of him when he's crying???


  1. And they say women are fickle? I can't believe Rand...but it's great to know how much he loves Aunt Angela.
    Love, Gran

  2. I love your solution to this problem.


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